The Cambridge Psychotherapy Assistance Trust, registered as a charity in 1989 (Registration No. 800946),  helps local people get psychotherapeutic help they could not otherwise afford.

We raise money and receive donations which we give out as grants to help people pay for psychotherapy, specifically those who wish to take up or continue the longer-term psychotherapy associated with psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy.

This may be by providing a grant to help a person get started in a therapy; by supplementing a patient’s own limited funds during a course of long-term therapy when it would harm the therapy to cut down for purely financial reasons; or by providing interim help for those already in therapy who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulties.

We support individual, couple, and group-analytic psychotherapy. Occasionally the Trust can offer some financial help to the parents of children who need therapy.

This help is restricted to those living or working in the Cambridge area whose therapist has qualified from an approved analytic training.